Cheap Date Night

Every Wednesday & Thursday is “Cheap Date Night”

When: Every Wednesday & Thursday from 5:30pm until closing
Who: All adults ages 17 and older. Open to both new and experienced archers.(

Don’t know what to do mid-week? Tired of always doing your laundry on Wednesday or watching reruns of Gilligans Island on Thursdays? We have the answer to the mid-week blues….ARCHERY!

So grab (gently) your favorite person and come down to CHEAP DATE NIGHT at BayState Archers Training Center starting at 5:30pm. This is how it works…

You pay our regular range fee w/equipment, for 90 minutes of shooting ($25), and your date gets in for only … SEVEN BUCKS!  Hence… he, she, (whatever) is a Cheap Date! … WHAT A DEAL!!!