Eliter Archers Youth/Adult Programs

The Elite Archers Youth Program and Adult Training Classes

Our Elite Archers Youth Program is open to those up to 20 years of age. It is the oldest and most successful archery youth training program in the state, and has the honor of being one of the largest programs of its kind in the United States. It is designed by Anthony Bellettini to advance the sport of youth archery.

The Elite Archers Adult Program is similar to our Youth Program except it is for adults age 19 and older. It was designed exclusively for USA Archery by the owner of BayState Archers Training Center for use on a national basis as an adjunct to their existing youth program. It has its own series of achievement goals, badges… and challenges.

Our goal is to advance the sport of archery through programs like these, in the hopes of developing National, World, and Olympic champions.

In addition to hosting classes, our nationally acclaimed outreach program brings archery to over 15 townships in Massachusetts. Each year our in-house and outreach programs reach over 5,000 kids, adults, and families!

All training programs are conducted by certified Archery Instructors and Coaches and are under the guidance of Anthony Bellettini, a USA Archery Level 4 National & U.S. Regional High Performance Coach, and the owner of BayState Archers Training Center.

See the schedule and fees section for additional information.

About the Youth Program

The Youth and the Senior Archery programs are developed by us to foster interest and abilities of all age levels in this, the oldest of Olympic Sports, and to advance the sport of archery throughout the country first as a national pastime, with the ultimate goal of producing Olympic and World Champions.

BayState Archers’ Youth and the Adult programs are the largest programs in Massachusetts and among the largest in the United States.

These training programs are open to everyone ages 8 through adult, and begins with the basics of archery, proper shooting form, and weekly “achievement tournaments”. Classes are monthly. Each class is 90 minutes in duration and renews the first Friday and Saturday of each month to become an ongoing training program.

Archers progress at their own pace. Each archer advances through 10 levels of achievement towards “Gold Olympian” or “Grand Master Archer” status (need these levels listed out somewhere). Classes are limited to 20-students each, with a 15-student minimum. All Instructors and Coaches are USA Archery-certified.

Register for Classes

You can register for all classes online or in person using the link below.

Register for Classes

Other Information

  1. Payment in full is required upon registration.
  2. A missed class may be made up by taking an additional class within that month or by shooting free during open range hours.
  3. Missed classes cannot be credited towards the next month’s class.

Special discounted rates apply when qualified to join our shooting team -“Team Elite”.

You can also receive a one-time $10 tuition reduction by sponsoring a new friend into the program. As a matter of fact, we’ll even give your friend that same one-time reduction for joining along with you! Share your archery experience with a friend and save even more!!   (This offer does not apply to previous members re-enrolling; or members of your immediate family since they already receive a discount).

Training always begins with the basics of archery, proper shooting form, and tournaments. Archers progress at their own pace towards “Olympian” or “Grand Master Bowman” status.

Application for the Youth program: JOAD-application

Application for the USA Archery Senior Archery Training Program: NAASenior-application (must be 20-years of age)

Jr. Team Elite (Youth only)

Jr. Team Elite is a program designed for archers under the age of 19 who have met the minimum score qualifications as outlined. This is a great way to experience the world of competitive archery and to evaluate a possible future commitment to join the Senior Team.

Team Elite

Team Elite is the competitive shooting team representing BayState Archers at tournaments. Members of this team must re-qualify each year in the month of September by re-shooting their minimum score and commit themselves to the team and the company for the following year. Members are individual archers and not employees of BayState Archers.

Team Elite is a highly competitive archery shooting team consisting of members of BayState Archers’ Elite Archers program who both qualify and choose to be a part of the team representing BayState Archers.