Coaching & Advanced Training

Coaching & Advanced Training

If you’re checking out this page you’re either another coach investigating what we do, or, an archer who cares enough to take the next step in the sport. To the first I say – enjoy. To the second, I want you to know how honored I am to hopefully be working with you towards reaching your goals.

STOP HERE If all you want is a quick lesson or two, stop by during any of our range hours, or attend one of our classes.

If however, you’re interested in developing your skills as a competitive athlete – please read on…

Let me start by saying that it is indeed a fact that no one, in any sport, gets better without individual coaching. Let me continue by sharing a part of my Personal Coaching Philosophy.

Personal Coaching Philosophy

I believe strongly that the relationship between a student and their coach is based first and foremost upon trust. Trust not only in each other’s ability and level of commitment, but also in each other’s honesty and character.

We begin our training together with a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished. After reviewing your strengths and development areas using my Athlete Base Evaluation (A-BE) system, we will work together and outline a training schedule that will build upon those talents. I have no intention of replacing everything you have learned. I don’t believe, as most coaches do, that an archer has to start over in order to improve. All that does is add years to the training process, cost a small fortune, and in over 95% of the time, yields very little improvement. A good coach enhances what you already know, and I’m a very good coach.

At this point I need to take a moment and say that I will not coach subject to the overview of another coach. I will however work in conjunction with an existing coach, provided that coach is willing to work with me. Also, I insist that, if you have an existing coach, that you be up front and inform that coach of your intention, or decision, PRIOR to starting a training program with me. It is unethical for a coach to work behind the back of another coach. Many other coaches engage in this practice – I WILL NOT!

I also consider this a breach of respect toward everyone involved, so be honest and be up front.

My training programs have always been based upon the efficient use of energy, balance through proper form, and mental training. That was how I was taught when I received my National Coach training almost 17 years ago, in a time before many call the “dumbing down” of coach certification.

Today, parts of that system have resurfaced as the much-touted “B.E.S.T. Method”. A term coined by the NAA, it stands for Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique. Nice acronym – I wish I thought of it. The B.E.S.T. Method is also mistakenly referred to as the “Korean System”. As of 2010 the name was changed again to the National Training System. Don’t be fooled – it’s all the same thing.

In 2003, Mr. Park, owner of Win & Win archery, developer of the training system used today in Korea and much of Asia, and the most respected coach in the world, held his first Advanced Coaches Training Seminar in the U.S. at my prior location, Archery USA.

Coaching is very personal. I believe that all coaching has to be “hands-on”. If you want to send me a video tape of your current shooting form for information purposes, fine, I’ll review it and comment on it; but know now that I cannot coach you long distance. Video is two-dimensional – you are not.

I know that long distance coaching has become popular over the years but believe me, it’s a waste of time and money. Hardly anyone ever improves without face time with their coach, and I don’t mean traveling two or three times a year to the mid-west or California to see your coach for a weekend. I mean at least once, preferably twice a month – real face time.

The archery ranges that promote these long distance coaches do a great injustice to their students. These archery ranges do so because they lack good in-house coaches and are seeking recognition that they should be earning themselves. They would fare much better by spending the necessary time and effort towards developing a properly trained, certified and experienced coaching staff.

Whatever changes I do suggest you make to your form will be discussed by us both, and my reasoning explained prior to implementing those changes. I don’t coach by demanding blind obedience. You’ll know why we do something before we do it. If it works – great! If not, we’ll work together to find another way.

The mental training portion will be based largely upon relaxation and creative visualization, techniques of which I learned over thirty years ago in another field. These principles and techniques are very powerful, and are used in some form by every elite and professional athlete in every sport in the world today. I believe, it’s not enough to enter a tournament with a positive outlook, you must enter a tournament in total belief that you have already won! This is the mindset of a Champion!

You will be monitored on a regular basis, although not quite as intense as in my High Performance Training (HPT) program. Your training will not be easy, and I expect your best effort when training.

I consider a minimum level of coaching to consist of two periods per month. Each period will last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the skill being taught.

Training classes are always one-on-one and are scheduled before we open on Sunday morning or after we close on either Saturday or Sunday evening. Other times during morning hours on weekdays may be possible.

Should you have any questions or would like to set up an athlete evaluation, feel free to contact me directly.