Parties and Events

Birthday Parties and Group Rate Specials

BayState Archers Training Center offers special events that cater to the needs of Birthday Parties, Scouting, After School Programs, Home School Organizations, and Company Outings.

Our special rate is $225 for the first 10 archers, and $16 per archer for the 11th-15th archers (10-archer minimum and 15-archer maximum). No deposit is required to reserve a time. The event is conducted under the direction of a certified archery instructor and lasts 90 minutes. The program includes a safety lecture, shooting demonstrations, and of course, bows, arrows, protective gear and any prizes they might win.

At least a two-week notice is suggested for weekend parties, less for weekday.

For obvious safety reasons, children under 8-years of age and those with “special needs” are permitted with 100% parental supervision ONLY. Party organizers should be advised that if any child exhibits anger issues during play, they will be asked to sit out, even if the parent is with them.

Scheduled Event Times


  • Saturday from 1:30pm to 3pm, 3pm to 4:30pm
  • Sunday from 11:30am to 1pm (for larger parties before we open), or 4:30 to 6pm.

Other possible times, with sufficient notice, include

  • Friday from 3:30pm to 5pm
  • Weekdays early evening from 6pm to 7:30pm (or 6:30 to 8pm).

Event times are always based upon availability / first come – first serve.

To check on availability, please take the time to call our store and speak to us during store hours. We do not advise sending an e-mail inquiry, since the email goes to a different location and it may take a few days to receive an answer. Besides, it’s always better to speak to a real person.

Scout leaders are requested to organize and collect fees from each scout ahead of time.

BayState Archers Training Center reserves the right to cancel a party in progress, if, at our sole discretion, anyone in the party poses a risk to themselves or others or exhibits anger issues during play.

Tipping the instructor is not necessary, but always appreciated.

Party Outline/Agenda

  • Opening greeting
  • Instructor introduction
  • Safety lecture
  • Eye dominance test
  • Issue equipment
  • Shooting demo
  • Arrow pulling demo
  • Robin Hood Club
  • Lane assignments
  • Initial one-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching / shooting
  • Last 3 ends – Shooting at balloons for prizes!
  • Equipment Return
  • Presentation of special party gift (birthday parties only)

Standard Event Range Rules & Procedures

Our certified instructors and coaches begin each party by reviewing standard range rules and procedures. The following is an overview of those rules. There may be others not stated here. As safety is not limited to just these rules and procedures – common sense also applies.

At BayState Archers Training Center, it’s always “Safety First”!

As a party organizer, you might want to share these with your group before attending – just as a heads up. It never hurts to reinforce safety:

  • The most important rule is that archers never point an arrow at anyone at any time, even if’s not on the bow
  • Archers keep all arrows points down inside their issued side quiver until they are called to the shooting line by the instructor AND the command word is given to start shooting
  • Archers place one foot on each side of the yellow shooting line facing the correct direction as determined by their dominate eye (not handedness)
  • When shooting, arrows are always pointed down range at the targets (never at the ceiling, center post, wall, side windows, lights or sprinkler)
  • Should an arrow fall to the ground when loading the bow, the archer may reach for it provided it does not fall forward into another archer’s lane when that archer is shooting, AND it can be reached without crossing over the yellow shooting line
  • After shooting, each archer steps back from the yellow shooting line, returns their bow to the bow rack, and remains at least five feet back of the shooting line until all archers have shot their arrows, returned their bows to the rack, AND the command words are given to retrieve arrows
  • Archers always walk at a “normal pace” when retrieving arrows. Running is not permitted on the range or anywhere else in the store
  • Upon retrieving arrows, archers always pick their arrows off the ground first and immediately return them to their quiver (points down), and then proceed to the target wall to collect any arrows that have been shot there
  • When at the target wall, archers always check behind themselves when pulling arrows, just to be sure that no one is standing close by. Arrows are always pulled one-at-a-time, and immediately returned to the quiver (arrow points down)
  • Either on or off the shooting line, an archer never pulls the string of a bow back without an arrow – NEVER. This prevents a potentially dangerous situation called a “dry fire”

Archery Range Commands

ALL shooting at BayState Archers Training Center is controlled by either voice commands and/or whistle blasts.

The four basic commands are:

  1. ON LINE (two whistle blasts)
    This command is given to call all the archers to stand correctly in their assigned shooting lane with their equipment. At this point all arrows remain points down inside their quiver.
  2. BEGIN (one whistle blast)
    This is the signal to begin shooting at their assigned target.
  3. CLEAR TO RETRIEVE (three whistle blasts)
    Signals that shooting everywhere on the range has been completed, equipment has been returned to the bow rack, and it is now safe to walk and proceed to the target wall.
  4. HOLD AND LET DOWN (four or more whistle blasts)
    This is an emergency STOP SHOOTING command used only in the event of an emergency. The instructor will fully explain what constitutes an emergency and how to take the pressure off the bow safely without releasing the string.

Important Note to Parents

All shooting sports come with an acknowledgement of assumed risk on the part of the participant, including the organizer on behalf of young participants. That stated, in the interest of everyone’s safety – should the instructor have to use this command twice within a party, the party will be immediately cancelled. On average, BayState Archers Training Center will host 150 parties each year. Our cancellation rate is about 2% per year. Our safety rate at our current and prior training facilities for the past 18 years is 100%. We ask all parents and party organizers to help us maintain our good record.