BayState Archery’s Goal to pass ArcheryUSA’s Record of 400,000 Customers

Our prior training center, ArcheryUSA in Dedham, is estimated to have brought the sport of archery to, and touched the lives of, over 400 thousand young men and women, adults and families here in the commonwealth during the 18 years it was open. I have set a goal to surpass this figure at BayState Archery within 10 years!

In addition to the in-house training programs for both youth and adults, BayState Archery reaches kids in over 15 communities through mobile outreach programs. These are offered year long through town recreation departments (featured nationally in Archery Focus magazine). Our “Sunday Family Day” program sometimes has a waiting list to shoot, and the birthday party program attracts over 25 parties a month with an average of 13 young archers each. Both programs are now used by other archery ranges.

All-in-all, very impressive for a business I was told by many early on was destined to failure for reaching out and focusing its business strategy on target, Olympic and 3D archery in order to attract kids, women, and families to the sport instead of catering exclusively to bowhunting as almost every other range in this state (and nation) does.

We still service the bowhunter’s needs with compound bows, equipment and supplies; but my focus is on the millions of potential athletes that a typical archery store ignores in favor of the many registered bowhunters in this state.

I believe that there’s more to archery than bowhunting. Unfortunately, the only exposure or opportunity children usually get to do archery is through summer camps. I am determined to change that by making this Olympic sport a part of everyday lives.

I hope that you share my vision. Only with your help, will BayState Archery exceed the prior record of 400k set by ArcheryUSA.

As I am fond of saying, “No matter what age you are, there is a little Robin Hood in all of us”.

Anthony Bellettini

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