Wednesday and Thursdays are now Cheap Date Nights

Don’t know what to do mid-week? Tired of always doing your laundry on Wednesday or watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island on Thursdays?

We have the answer to the mid-week blues….ARCHERY!

So grab (gently) your favorite person and come down to CHEAP DATE NIGHT at BayState Archery starting at 5pm.

This is how it works…

You pay our regular range fee w/equipment, for 90 minutes of shooting ($25), and your date gets in for only … FIVE BUCKS!

Hence… he, she, (whatever) is a Cheap Date! … WHAT A DEAL!!!

— Remember, we close at 9pm – although we have been known to stay open a bit later for cheap daters. (8pm starting in the fall) so plan your date accordingly.

— Sorry, only one “date” per person.

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