BayState Archery Announces HPT (High Performance Training)

The new BayState Archery Training Center will shortly be offering (watch for the announcement) a program designed for those archers who desire to train and perform at a highly competitive level.

The HPT program works on the entire archer – body, mind and soul, and incorporates proven biomechanical principles.

HPT is a 90-day intensive training program that includes unlimited use of the range for practice, mental imagery training, stress conditioning, plenty of coaching, shooting and performance monitoring with our lead coach, Anthony.

Each athlete will start by being asked to shoot 150 arrows every other day and you will end the program shooting 300+ arrows per day.

Every participant should be prepared to eventually budget 3 to 4 hours each day to work this program.

Caution – This program is not for the “light of heart” or the uncommitted athlete. You will be required to do something toward your training each and every day. A release and waver is required to start the program as well as a doctor’s note for athletes under the age of 18.

The program fee is $1,200, payable half at the start of the program and the balance in 30 days. No refunds once we begin. Athletes who desire more individual coaching or strength training may add these to their program at an extra fee. Each archer MUST have their own equipment that meets our professional standards for training or you will be asked to add to or upgrade your equipment prior to starting.

Team Elite members that complete the training may wear the HPT designation on their team apparel.

Program minimum age: 15

Program minimum participants: 2

Program maximum participants: 10

The 2015 Coach’s Choice Award Program

The date for the 2015 Coach’s Choice Award is Saturday, December 19th, at 6:30 pm.

About the Coach’s Choice Award

Each year since 1997, we have recognized the athlete or athletes in our Youth program “Elite Archers”, who have demonstrated “An outstanding dedication to the sport of archery”, with the Coach’s Choice award. Again this year, the award will be open to members of our Senior program as well.

To date, 10 gentlemen and 20 ladies have been so honored. Those who have received the Coach’s Choice Award to date are:

  • 1997 – Glen Watkins & David Samet
  • 1998 – Jay Cross & Ethan Taven
  • 1999 – Erin Munchbach & Sandi “Alex” Chase
  • 2000 – Mike Lucibella & Moira Brace
  • 2001 – Dan Gibson & Becky McDougal
  • 2002 – Emma Gillespie & Jennifer Riley
  • 2003 – Dan Yank Lok & Sarah Watsky
  • 2004 – Maggie Clemens & Stephanie Small
  • 2005 – Ivy Dodge
  • 2006 – Alexandar Truebenbach & Maria Muller
  • 2007 – Cameron Klavsen & Alexandre “Lexi” Elliott
  • 2008 – Denali Bennett & Toby Morrish
  • 2009 – Felicia Carlson
  • 2010 – Carina and Ashley Fuller
  • 2011 – Emma Canon and Christophe Hiltbrant-McIntosh
  • 2012 – No award presented
  • 2013 – None Awarded
  • 2014 – Maggie Folwell and Kate Nie

Every Coach’s Choice award winner receives:

  • A special trophy (A really big one!)
  • Their name is entered on our progressive trophy located in the middle of the range for all to see
  • An extra discount on private lessons
  • A free six-month Youth membership easily worth $500
  • and unlimited practice time till the end of June 2016, worth a lot more

As is our tradition, the award for this year will be presented at our Winter Ball on Saturday December 19th at the Norwood Training Center.

Celebrate Sunday with “Family Day!” Discounts

In order to promote archery as a family sport, two or more members of the same family can shoot at a discounted rate of only $12.50 per hour per person, including equipment (a savings of up to 35%!) for the first hour and then only $5.00 per person for each half-hour thereafter. Sorry, NO initial half hour rates.

Be sure to ask for our new “Family Day” punch card for extra savings!

Receive One FREE Visit (for up to 3 family members) for every five Family Day visits.

Family Day can be quite busy, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

Wednesday and Thursdays are now Cheap Date Nights

Don’t know what to do mid-week? Tired of always doing your laundry on Wednesday or watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island on Thursdays?

We have the answer to the mid-week blues….ARCHERY!

So grab (gently) your favorite person and come down to CHEAP DATE NIGHT at BayState Archery starting at 5pm.

This is how it works…

You pay our regular range fee w/equipment, for 90 minutes of shooting ($25), and your date gets in for only … FIVE BUCKS!

Hence… he, she, (whatever) is a Cheap Date! … WHAT A DEAL!!!

— Remember, we close at 9pm – although we have been known to stay open a bit later for cheap daters. (8pm starting in the fall) so plan your date accordingly.

— Sorry, only one “date” per person.

PayPal Now Available for Class Registration

Our PayPal account is now available for class registration. Sign up on line to secure a spot in your class of choice.

If you’re new to training we can do the paperwork the day of the class. If you are renewing, you’re all set.

When PayPal sends you a receipt, it will state “BayState Archery Center”.

Thank you for your interest in BayState Archery and for using PayPal.